Data Driven Tools for Amazon Sellers

Scale your Amazon business with our suite of split testing and analytical tools, designed to reveal opportunities and drive success

Research, Validate, and Optimize

Leverage analytics to refine your strategy, make smarter decisions, and enhance productivity.


Unlimited Hyper-Specific Audience Split Testing

Split Testing Explorer empowers you with the ability to conduct infinite split tests, offering endless opportunities to refine and improve your Amazon listing’s performance. Whether it’s tweaking your title, adjusting pricing strategies, or swapping hero images, each iteration is a step towards heightened click-through rates and better conversion—translating into increased sales and profitability.



Search Query Performance Optimizer

Search Query Performance Optimizer delivers a streamlined analysis of your Amazon search funnel, revealing key performance indicators that drive decision-making. Unlock the potential of every search term and refine your marketing strategy with our comprehensive, data-driven insights.

Niche Validator

Niche Validator offers a detailed analysis of market trends, keywords, competitors, pricing, and profitability, summarized in a user-friendly niche score.

Rapid niche validation tool that analyzes market data providing Amazon sellers with immediate feedback on the viability of their niche based on current marketplace dynamics.

Gap Opportunity Explorer, Powered by AI

The Gap Opportunity Explorer serves as a comprehensive toolkit for Amazon sellers, delivering critical data across multiple facets of online retail presence to identify and bridge the gaps in marketing, visual engagement, customer sentiment, and listing effectiveness.