Niche Validator

Niche Validator offers a detailed analysis of market trends, keywords, competitors, pricing, and profitability, summarized in a user-friendly niche score.

Niche Validation in 5 Minutes or Less

We offer a rapid niche validation tool that analyzes market data providing Amazon sellers with immediate feedback on the viability of their niche based on current marketplace dynamics.

Gain Indepth Analysis of Your Keywords

Leveraging Amazon Brand Analytics data, we focus on the relevance and potency of keywords, extracting top search terms to enhance your product’s visibility. This allows you to target high-converting, high traffic keywords that are most relevant to your products and customers on Amazon.

Understanding The Competitor Profile

We map out the competitive landscape by highlighting keyword dominance and profiling key competitors on Amazon. This insight helps you understand which keywords are driving your competitors’ success and how to position your products more strategically.

Amazon Trend & Behavior Tracking

Keep your strategy ahead of the curve with our trend analytics, which monitors shifts in keyword popularity, competitor pricing, customer reviews, and sales rank. These insights help you anticipate market movements and adjust your tactics to stay competitive.