Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer leverages Amazon Business Analytics to equip sellers with data on high-performing keywords and historical trend insights, optimizing listings and PPC strategies. It empowers sellers to make data-driven decisions for impactful marketing and precise product positioning on Amazon.

Discover Hidden Opportunities Within Keywords

Keyword Explorer identifies top-performing keywords from Amazon Business Analytics, offering insights to enhance product launches and PPC tactics. By focusing on historically successful search terms, sellers can streamline their strategy for greater market impact.

Strategic Keyword Relevance Targeting

Refine your approach by targeting keywords that combine maximum relevance with favorable search frequency ranks, focusing your efforts on the most impactful terms.

Keyword Performance Trend Tracking

Historical Keyword Trend Analysis empowers sellers to understand the historical performance of keywords on Amazon. By observing past trends, sellers can gain insights into customer search patterns and keyword effectiveness, aiding in the optimization of product listings and PPC campaigns to better match past consumer behavior and proven market demands.

Keyword Groups for Focused Targeting

Optimized Keyword Grouping organizes your search terms into strategic clusters for more effective Amazon PPC campaigns and product launch strategies. By leveraging grouped keywords that have historically performed well together, you can more accurately target your audience and tailor your campaigns to the Amazon algorithm’s preferences.