Product Explorer

Product Explorer distills complex market data into strategic insights, offering an advanced competitive analysis and comprehensive market trend overview in your Amazon niche. Empower your product strategy with real-time insights into competitor profiles and key performance trends.

Strategic Competitor Insights Unveiled

Product Explorer mines Amazon Business Analytics search terms to extract and analyze competitor data. This intelligence digs into the competitive landscape, showcasing other players’ market positioning, allowing you to identify direct and indirect competitors and analyze their strategies to refine your own.

Niche Market Overview

Gain a bird’s-eye view of your entire product niche, including both your inventory and that of your competitors. Product Explorer consolidates data to offer a comprehensive market overview, allowing you to assess the competitive landscape and understand where your products stand in the broader market context.

Comprehensive Competitor Profiling

Harnessing intricate data points from Amazon Business Analytics, Product Explorer creates detailed profiles of your competitors. These profiles encompass key performance indicators (KPIs), business strategies, and market behaviors, providing a rounded understanding of who you’re up against in your product niche.

Competitor KPI Trend Monitoring

Keep a close eye on the market with Product Explorer’s trend monitoring, which tracks competitors’ pricing, review counts, and sales rank over time. This feature helps you to understand and react to the dynamic nature of the marketplace, giving you an edge by capitalizing on emerging trends.