Search Query Performance Optimizer

Search Query Performance Optimizer delivers a streamlined analysis of your Amazon search funnel, revealing key performance indicators that drive decision-making. Unlock the potential of every search term and refine your marketing strategy with our comprehensive, data-driven insights.

Search Funnel Insights Dashboard

The Insights Dashboard of the Search Funnel Performance Optimizer offers a clear window into the customer’s search journey, presenting actionable intelligence that empowers sellers to optimize each stage of the search funnel for maximum conversion impact.

Measure Your Brand Impact Against the Market

This tool evaluates critical KPIs, presenting a direct comparison between your brand’s performance and overall market benchmarks. By spotlighting metrics like click-through and conversion rates by search query, sellers can strategically enhance their positioning within the Amazon marketplace.

Adapt to Market Movements with Weekly Insights

Stay agile with an analysis of search term performance that evolves weekly. This trend tracking allows sellers to swiftly adapt their strategies, ensuring alignment with the latest consumer search behaviors and market trends.

Aggregate Reporting for Product Variations

For sellers managing multiple product variations or families, this feature compiles disparate reports into a single, comprehensive view. It’s an invaluable asset for strategic decision-making, offering a birds-eye perspective on the performance of an entire product line within the search funnel.